I contracted with Ira and Linda Bass (@Connect for Success) to do a “LinkedIn makeover”. I am essentially an inexperienced user and did not do an effective job of creating my own profile. Ira started by explaining the process and expectations, and then Linda took the reins and was able to renovate my profile to create something that better illustrated who I am, what I have done in a story-like format, and brought attention to my career highlights that recruiters and future employers would be interested in knowing. After completing that part of the process, Ira conducted my 1-on-1 training so I could learn how to properly maneuver LinkedIn and left me feeling more confident about how to properly use this tool. I have already received compliments from colleagues about my new profile and have seen an increase in the views and contacts from recruiters. I am confident this new profile will be the catalyst for assisting me in landing my next opportunity.
— Deniere Keller, Senior Program Manager at ICONMA, LLC

Ira and Linda Bass are a professional resource team I regard highly. They are very smart, kind, and good to their word. They deliver as promised, and the numbers that measure various aspects of LinkedIn profile success continue to improve, significantly. Perhaps more importantly is the experience I had working with each of them. They are thoroughly thoughtful and respectful — researching, advising and teaching based on their significant accomplishments in tangibles and intangibles advertising, marketing and public relations. Throughout my career, new business has been generated by client and audience referrals, and I frankly was reluctant to invest in marketing tools. But I recognized that LinkedIn has become a development resource I cannot afford to take take lightly. I was pleased to discover that adding Ira and Linda Bass — Connect for Success — to my support team is easily done and their value was proven immediately.
— Bruce Fritch, Managing Partner of Fritch Consulting

Linda updated and filled in my LinkedIn profile, and I am very pleased with the results and am happy to recommend she and Ira. To give you a feel for their integrity, they actually tried NOT to sell me a full LinkedIn profile, telling me I was most of the way there and could do it on my own. Well, I didn’t want to, I wanted to pay someone else to do it. Linda did a fabulous job filling in all the details and links and re-writing all of the content to be relevant and appropriate to the LinkedIn platform. She was receptive to my feedback and made all the adjustments I asked for to make it sing. Thank you Linda!

I’m happy to recommend Ira. I hired him and Linda to redo my LinkedIn profile and had great results. A new client found me by searching on LinkedIn, and my ROI on that one client was about 15 times my investment in Ira’s services. Anyone using LinkedIn to promote themselves, their business, or to find a job would be well-served to talk to Ira.
— Jessica Bronzert, Founder & CEO of The Sparks Group

Although I had never met Ira until earlier this year, I knew of him from his reputation as a top-notch media director for several advertising agencies in North Carolina. I have gotten to know him through his extraordinary LinkedIn workshop. His skill at delivering the ‘LinkedIn’ message is outstanding. I learned more in 2 hours than I ever did by trying to use the LinkedIn Learning Center. He not only taught me the tactics, but the strategy behind the platform’s discipline. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn how to network at a higher level to give him a call.
— Lewis Finch, Your Small Business Branding and Marketing Consultant

After spending two hours with LinkedIn Coach Linda Bass to improve my homepage profile, I felt as elated as a kid with a new toy. Like many who may be reading this, I had let my LinkedIn page languish. I didn’t know how to maximize my LinkedIn profile and I had no idea of the value of a strong profile page–and even if I had, I would not have known where to start. Linda was both proficient and patient as she helped me through each phase of the profile page; she was as comfortable navigating LinkedIn as a Sherpa maneuvering an icy climb. I like that Linda was able to talk to me on ‘my level,’ and has the ability to make it all so interesting…Her enthusiasm for LinkedIn is contagious. Investing your time with Linda as your LinkedIn Coach is not an option; it’s a must! Thank you, Linda, for this great learning.
— Laurie Smith, Certified Business Coach

If you or anyone you know is looking for an advanced LinkedIn Workshop facilitator, you need to contact Linda. I recently partnered with Linda and her husband, Ira, to facilitate an advanced 2 hour LinkedIn workshop held at AvidXchange’s new corporate headquarters. Workshop was open to the public but especially in partnership with The Financial Executives Networking Group. Linda and Ira held everyone’s attention for a solid 2 hours with a well organized, easy to follow and understand workshop entitled “Get LinkedIn or Be LeftOut Workshop”. Everyone in attendance left with multiple take-a-ways on how to improve and enhance their LinkedIn profiles. Linda is truly a LinkedIn subject matter expert and is complimented by Ira that I nick named “The Dick Vitale of LinkedIn”. Linda is more like “The Oprah of LinkedIn”. I highly recommend that you engage Linda as your next LinkedIn workshop leader.
— Tom Maupin, Fanatical Networker Whose Purpose in Life is to Help People

Ira Bass is to LinkedIn what Tom Brady is to the New England Patriots – a true leader, a spirited & collaborative business partner, and a darn good quarterback when it comes to navigating the ins and outs of LinkedIn. His two-hour workshop turned my team and me into social networking world champions. I highly recommend Ira’s expertise for any sales, advertising and marketing organization.
— Patti Trow, Director of Advertising, MNI Division at Time Inc.

Linda’s expertise took the mystery out of ‘not knowing.’ I knew I had to update my LinkedIn page yet avoided it– until I heard about this great service. I asked Linda Bass to maximize my LinkedIn page; she patiently and professionally explained the reasons for adding, deleting, beefing up and accenting my information. Linda made what was a daunting task so much easier. If you want to understand LinkedIn, I highly recommend Connect to Success’ workshops and one-on-one profile page coaching.
— Harvey Smith, President of Carolina Business Coach

Not only is Ira our LinkedIn Guy, an expert in understanding and using the platform, he’s also one of the best cups of coffee in Charlotte. He had me logging in on my iPhone in the middle of his workshop to make some of the ‘ah-ha’ changes to my profile. Easy, smart changes that immediately improve our user experience with LinkedIn. Ira reminds me that the business world is full of great people. You just have to find them.
— Dave Delk, Sports Marketing Consultant

Linda is warm, directive, imaginative, and motivating in her work with her clients. My usage of LinkedIn was tolerable, but Linda was able to give me a notion of what I could do with it that showed me how much untapped potential there was for me. Enjoyable and encouraging, my work with her allowed me to come away with greater confidence as I use LinkedIn to assist my career! I am thankful for her help and kindness.
— Sara Leiby, Sales Associate, CNP Technologies

Ira is one of those people everyone hopes to know. His positive energy and magnetic personality make you instantly believe something big is about to happen. And then, it does. Applying strategies learned in his LinkedIn class yielded immediate, extraordinary results. If you want to propel your career or business to new heights, run, do not walk, and sign up for Ira’s LinkedIn workshop. I promise you won’t regret it.
— Jean Ihrig, Office Management Professional

Linda is a great professional to work with. I enjoyed getting to know her and drawing knowledge from her experiences using LinkedIn. After spending two hours with Linda, I felt like I could grow my business even more using the knowledge she shared with me.
— Lue Yang, President of Leading Electronic Rework and Repair Facility

For someone who works in staffing, you would think we know all about social media and how to work with LinkedIn, but Ira took it to a whole new level when presenting to our Modis team. He and Linda were not only funny and personable, but they brought such great and easy ideas to the table for us to put into production when it comes to utilizing LinkedIn for our growing business. You do not have to be in staffing to benefit from their informative and interactive presentation-you just need to be motivated and ready to learn the ins and outs of this free tool we call LinkedIn. I look forward to not only recommending them to others but learning more from them as this tool evolves and changes.
— Sara Lager, Director of Strategic Accounts, Willis Group US

Linda is an exceptional LinkedIn teacher, coach and consultant. No matter your level of LinkedIn expertise Linda will elevate you. I would strongly recommend Linda’s services to anyone wanting to get noticed on LinkedIn.
— Shawn Harris, General Manager, Time Warner Cable Media

I was fortunate to attend a LinkedIn workshop which Ira hosted in Atlanta. Ira has brought the same enthusiasm, passion and knowledge for traditional media to LinkedIn. His session provided me with knowledge on how to make the most of LinkedIn in my sales profession. If you want to know how to make the most out of this business networking tool, work with Ira as an instructor/facilitator…You’ll be glad you did.
— John Helmer, Integrated Sales Mgr. at Time Inc.

If you are looking for someone to help you update and upgrade your LinkedIn profile, then look no further! Linda Bass is knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to help everyone create their own brand which will bring them new contacts and new business! I recommend reaching out to Linda for all of your LinkedIn needs!
— Theresa Byers, Director, Events & Programs Union County Chamber

Ira knows how to keep an audience’s attention! I would recommend him to any company that wanted to be engaged, entertained and to leave the meeting feeling positive and energized! He can make any topic be interesting and avoids ‘meeting-fatigue’.
— Becky Dayton, Senior Sales and Marketing Professional

Linda is very creative in assisting with LinkedIn. Linda was very organized and does exceptional work. I would recommend Linda to anyone looking to learn more about marketing your business and also with building a better profile on LinkedIn. She really is a LinkedIn expert. Thank you Linda!
— Andy Bealla, Mortgage Loan Originator

To say that Linda is a LinkedIn maven is an understatement! I’ve attended several training sessions in which she and Ira dazzle the audience with their knowledge and experience of all things LinkedIn! After each session, I take away numerous tips for integrating LinkedIn as a business marketing tool as well as being inspired by Linda for her ‘can-do attitude’ and her genuine passion for helping others.
— Marla Emery, Managing Partner, Teamwide Solutions

Ira Bass is a master of LinkedIn. A couple of years ago I attended one of his workshops and it opened my eyes to the huge potential for LinkedIn to help grow my business. His knowledge and tips have made a difference and helped me find new clients. With all of the changes to LinkedIn in the past couple years it was time for a refresher course so I attended another Ira Bass workshop. I left with pages of notes that will help me present a more professional image. I recommend Ira to any individual, group or corporation who need help utilizing LinkedIn to it’s full potential.
— Rick Jarrett, Specialist in Fleet and Point of Sale Graphics

Chris McLeod
Linda Bass was a great resource in helping me understand the networking possibilities of LinkedIn. Her one-on-one approach was very helpful to me in making revisions, answering questions and rethinking how I post blogs, articles, etc. She does her homework before the visit so our time together was well spent and made a difference in my online presence.
— Chris McLeod, President, Giving Matters Inc.