Many of the clients we work with only need a single two-hour session to create a proficient LinkedIn profile and cultivate the ability to make and leverage strategic connections. Of course, additional personal training sessions are available upon request. Please note that this private training package is designed for individuals who feel more comfortable writing their own profile but require the guidance we offer to ensure that it’s completed properly.

The One-on-One Training package includes the following:

  • Instruction on how to optimize your profile for maximum exposure
  • Present status update strategy and how to share content with your network, groups and individuals
  • LinkedIn Publisher overview
  • How to ask for and manage recommendations successfully
  • Etiquette instruction for adding and requesting connections
  • Join and participate in strategic LinkedIn groups
  •  Follow competitor and prospect companies
  • Learn the power of Searching with Filters

Contact us to learn more about our One-on-One Training package.