LinkedIn is a fantastic way to generate new and exciting business opportunities if you use it correctly (pssst: most people don’t). But there’s a lot more to being a successful LinkedIn user than most people realize, from creating a standout online profile, to making the right strategic connections, to leveraging those connections into real and meaningful relationships. At Connect to Success, we help our clients use LinkedIn to their best professional advantage. Our individual and group training workshops are designed to help transform LinkedIn into an essential resource for professional growth.


Profile Makeover

Are you telling your own story most effectively? If not, we can help you remake your LinkedIn profile so that you’re saying the right things to attract the right people.

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This comprehensive group workshop can be customized to fit any industry, and gives attendees all the information and skills they need to start using LinkedIn more productively.

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Communication Coaching

Get the personalized attention you need to optimize your LinkedIn presence, make the right connections, and transition those connections into next-level relationships.

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Use It The Way You Need It

One of the great things about LinkedIn is its versatility. Since LinkedIn users come in all shapes and sizes, so do our services. 

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Who can benefit from LinkedIn?

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  • Individuals seeking to establish their professional brand through social selling
  • Executives interested in growing their business and being seen as thought leaders
  • Job seekers and graduating students needing to market themselves effectively for their next opportunity
  • Recruiters wanting a larger pool of qualified candidates
  • Companies, associations or universities in search of educating an entire group

We can create a customized solution to fit your needs and audience.