Being an effective communicator is an ability that transcends LinkedIn. It impacts every area of your personal and professional life. As Certified Communication Coaches, we can help you, and the people in your organization, gain a better understanding of what it means to communicate productively and to engage in ways that elicit positive responses and outcomes. In today’s world, effective communication is critical to the health of an organization at every level: from the mailroom to the boardroom, from start-ups to global giants. If you want to be successful, there is no “opting out” of effective communication.

Behavioral Assessment
We utilize the DISC Index™ to evaluate the strength of an individual’s communication skills.

DISC pinpoints a person's behavioral and communication style and illustrates HOW we do what we do.

The assessment takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete online via a user-friendly, click-and-drag format. Once submitted we receive a report containing results that are specific to that individual.

The Benefits To You and Your Organization Are Substantial:

  • Expand self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Interview and hire more effectively
  • Improve an individual’s ability to be managed or manage others
  • Cultivate a more enjoyable work environment
  • Develop stronger sales and/or leadership teams
  • Manage conflict
  • Decrease turnover
  • Assign employees tasks/jobs that suit them best

Whether it’s on an individual basis, or as an organization, you can always learn how to communicate better. The fact is, the ability to communicate effectively is essential for landing new business, a new job, and creating a harmonious work environment. It’s a skill that should never be undervalued.

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