What happened to LinkedIn Pulse? Here’s Your Answer.

In the past I enjoyed the opportunity to follow LinkedInfluencers, channels of interest and media organizations offering free content via LinkedIn Pulse. A few years ago Pulse had it's own tab which made it simple to access. With the recent interface change finding "Pulse" requires a little direction. Have no fear. Here's how to find it.

Your #LinkedIn Home Page consists of many updates including the activity of those individuals in your network, suggested content (aka promoted content paid for by the advertiser), channels and media you follow and influencer posts.

Prior to the new user interface you could elect which influencers, channels and media you wished to follow by going to the bottom of your profile page and click “Discover More.” 

Clicking “Discover More” would open to this page:

Old Pulse.png

When we queried #LinkedIn via their Help Center to determine if this page was accessible, their response was “At this time we don't have that specific functionality available, but I've sent your suggestion to our product team for consideration.”

Don't worry. Here's the link that gets you there: www.LinkedIn.com/pulse/discover

Nevertheless, this development makes no sense so we went about trying to determine if you can access #Pulse anywhere on the platform. Well, sure enough the answer is Yes with a twist. Here’s how.

  • Go to your Home Page Feed.
  • You’ll notice three horizontal dots in the far right hand corner of each post.
  • Clicking it reveals several options including “Improve My Feed: Get recommended sources to follow.”

Once you click on “Improve My Feed” you are brought to a new rendering of #Pulse choices with a twist. It's now called “Follow Fresh Perspectives.” Here you will see all offered categories of content and individuals including influencers, channels and media to follow. 

What happened to #Pulse? It morphed into Follow Fresh Perspectives. Let us know how you like the new functionality.

What's Next with #LinkedIn? Stay tuned to this channel.

OMG! Finally. LinkedIn Encourages Everyone To Personalize Connection Requests.

It's been more than 10 years since I started using LinkedIn to grow my media planning and buying company IB Media LLC which morphed into our LinkedIn training service Connect To Success. During these many years, I have been consistent and told anyone who would listen that business is personal, and not to use a default message when you're seeking to connect on LinkedIn.

As a result, every single connection request I've sent has always been personalized with a note calling out to the individual why I'd like to be part of their network. Every. Single. One. Even those individuals I met at a networking event or have known for years. To me it's just good business.

With the new LinkedIn User Interface (some of you do not have it yet but will in the coming days), you no longer have to wonder how you know someone in order to connect. By the way, it hasn't mattered for over two years. Instead, once you click on "Connect" this wonderful box pops up! It says:

" LinkedIn members are more likely to accept invitations that include a personal note".

OMG, I feel so vindicated right now, sorry! Please click "Add a note" and let the individual know WHY you want to connect with them. Maybe they were mentioned to you by a common connection. Maybe you're in the same networking or LinkedIn group. Maybe you have 76 people in common and are wondering why in the world hasn't anyone introduced you to each other. Maybe you simply went to the same university. Whatever it may be, call it out. Otherwise, you'll be so impersonal with your request that you may likely lose your one chance for making a connection.

Thank you LinkedIn for listening.

Live LinkedIn Help via Online Chat for Premium Accounts

Don’t you just love it when you can actually chat with a real person online for help with an issue? Online chat provides immediate assistance and answers to questions. Premium LinkedIn users can take advantage of this opportunity.

I recently discovered this option when I had an issue. My profile was not displaying all the new connection requests that I was receiving. I was notified through email that an individual wanted to connect with me but the connection request did not show up on my profile. My chat session with LinkedIn revealed that this is a current issue with some profiles and their technicians are trying to fix this glitch.

The LinkedIn online chat is hard to find so I have provided screen shots below to show you how to get there. It is available M-F 9am EST through 5pm EST.

Hover over your small photo on the top right of your profile. You will see a list of options. Choose the Help Center. 

Once you arrive at the Help Center go to the very bottom of the page. You will see Online Chat. LinkedIn is testing this feature, so you'll have to check to see if you're part of the trial.