What happened to LinkedIn Pulse? Here’s Your Answer.

In the past I enjoyed the opportunity to follow LinkedInfluencers, channels of interest and media organizations offering free content via LinkedIn Pulse. A few years ago Pulse had it's own tab which made it simple to access. With the recent interface change finding "Pulse" requires a little direction. Have no fear. Here's how to find it.

Your #LinkedIn Home Page consists of many updates including the activity of those individuals in your network, suggested content (aka promoted content paid for by the advertiser), channels and media you follow and influencer posts.

Prior to the new user interface you could elect which influencers, channels and media you wished to follow by going to the bottom of your profile page and click “Discover More.” 

Clicking “Discover More” would open to this page:

Old Pulse.png

When we queried #LinkedIn via their Help Center to determine if this page was accessible, their response was “At this time we don't have that specific functionality available, but I've sent your suggestion to our product team for consideration.”

Don't worry. Here's the link that gets you there: www.LinkedIn.com/pulse/discover

Nevertheless, this development makes no sense so we went about trying to determine if you can access #Pulse anywhere on the platform. Well, sure enough the answer is Yes with a twist. Here’s how.

  • Go to your Home Page Feed.
  • You’ll notice three horizontal dots in the far right hand corner of each post.
  • Clicking it reveals several options including “Improve My Feed: Get recommended sources to follow.”

Once you click on “Improve My Feed” you are brought to a new rendering of #Pulse choices with a twist. It's now called “Follow Fresh Perspectives.” Here you will see all offered categories of content and individuals including influencers, channels and media to follow. 

What happened to #Pulse? It morphed into Follow Fresh Perspectives. Let us know how you like the new functionality.

What's Next with #LinkedIn? Stay tuned to this channel.

Did You Know There's A Fresh Method To Move LinkedIn Sections Within Sections?

As you know we conduct LinkedIn workshops and personal training on a regular basis. During our sessions we are asked many questions related to an individual's profile and how much flexibility exists to manage it.

Sometimes an individual has two businesses listed as "Current". In some instances the two positions may exist within the same organization. Recently we were asked "Can I elect to have a particular position presented in the first position even if they are both current"? Absolutely you can! Here's how.

Previously you needed to place your cursor to the left of the multiple positions within the same organization. As shown below you would see two vertical bars that would require you to grab and pull them to reorder your positions. Please note we have placed purple vertical rectangles where the gray box appeared previously.

In a recent update, LinkedIn changed the method to do this. It now more closely mirrors what you would do if you were reordering complete sections by grabbing the arrow on the top of the right of the section, Now you are provided with an up/down arrow within the section. 

The example shown below highlights the "secondary" up/down arrow. It's hidden until you scroll over the section. By grabbing the up/down arrow shown you can now reorder the multiple positions you hold within the organization. 

It's pretty simple once you know where to find the tool and now you do! Happy to help with little LinkedIn tips like this to make your profile your own.

Until "What's Next" next time...

LinkedIn Publisher Post Sharing Change You Should Know About

Ever since LinkedIn opened its publishing platform to us all, we have found it to be a wonderful avenue to express our opinion, provide insight and most important update you on the latest LinkedIn developments. What's Next?  Here it is.

One of the great aspects of publishing your own posts is your ability to share it with your network, groups and individuals. Here's the good news. You still can. What's changed is the How.

First, you'll notice the user interface on each post has been modified to be larger and simpler. You may "Like" via thumbs up, "Comment" via the dialog box and now "Share" via the right facing arrow as depicted below.

Next, once you click on the arrow, you'll see the three choices provided for sharing. In this example we're electing to share to LinkedIn.

Finally, once you choose LinkedIn, the share box you're accustomed to seeing opens.


Pretty simple? We think so. But, now you'll know how to share your or someone else's post. Stay tuned for more updates and insight as LinkedIn makes changes to its platform user interface.

Until "What's Next" next time...

How To Quickly Grow Your LinkedIn Network

A simple and quick way to grow your network is to import a list of your contact to LinkedIn. Doing this will upload your address book contacts, as well as their detailed contact information.

Here are several easy steps to import your address book:

  • Move your cursor over My Network at the top of your homepage and select Add Contacts.  


  • On the right side of the screen, click the button for the email provider you use. If you don't see your provider, click Other Email.
  • Enter your information if it's not already there.
  • Click Continue.
  • Contacts who are already on LinkedIn will be displayed. Look through the list because there may be some people you do not want to connect with on LinkedIn.
  • Click Add Connections to send invitations or click Skip. Contacts who are not yet on LinkedIn will be displayed next. You may see phone number contacts listed if you've imported your mobile contacts previously (these contacts will receive a SMS text invitation to join). Click the Skip link if you don't want to invite anyone or click Add to Network to invite them to join.
  • Remember, if you don't want to send invitations to everyone on the list, be sure to uncheck the Select All box and individually check the boxes next to contacts you want to invite.

(Please note that if your email provider supports OAuth (an authentication technology that allows sites like LinkedIn to access certain information from sources such as your email without knowing your email password) a new window will appear where you can authorize LinkedIn to import your contacts. You can revoke this permission anytime through your email provider's settings. If your email provider doesn't support OAuth, you'll need to enter your email password before clicking Continue.)

 * Connecting with people you already know will encourage them to look at your profile and possibly contact you for new business opportunities.


LinkedIn Button Change You Should Know About

Another day, Another LinkedIn User Interface (UI) change (or at the least being tested or rolled out).  We never really know until we all see this change.

I was training someone this morning when I found this subtle yet nevertheless enhancement to the "Grow Your Network" tab at the top right of your LinkedIn account.

Previously all you saw was the pending invitations when scrolling over this icon: 

Today LinkedIn added more information into the box that wasn't previously shown there. You are now prompted to grow your network by linking your email address book for the purpose of inviting the individuals you already know to connect to you on LinkedIn. It's something many of you have never done or have not done lately, particularly if you've added new contacts to your email system recently. It's a simple and efficient method to grow your 1st level connections.  (Beware: the default message is sent when requesting a connection using this technique).

In addition, the ever present "People You May Know" prompt is included here as well. Small change?  Yes.  But just want to bring clarity to these small changes.

Until "What's Next" next time...

Free Taste of LinkedIn For You

Frequently I’m asked to speak to groups, associations and clubs. As they are typically free engagements designed to peak the interest of attendees, I provide a few tips and insight into the power of LinkedIn over a 30-60 minute timeframe. Our fully customized Get LinkedIn or Be LeftOut workshops are up to three hours in length.

Recently I spoke at the Business Marketing Association Connect2Education symposium and they were kind enough to share this video of what I presented. Please note, the video starts in the middle of the session, so you’ll need to pull the button on the bottom to the left to restart it from the beginning.

My gift to you this holiday season. Enjoy!

Ira Bass is CEO of IB Media LLC, (www.IBMedia.biz) He’s available to share his knowledge of LinkedIn for individuals, groups, conferences and keynote engagements. For more information about our LinkedIn training services, check out Ira’s LinkedIn profile at www.LinkedIn.com/in/IBMedia or drop him a note at IraBass@IBMedia.biz. Ira is a LION. Please feel free to connect or follow him on LinkedIn. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.