Why Should You Be Looking For Alumni On LinkedIn? Here's How To Find Them.

If an alumni from the university you attended contacted you, would you be more apt to respond? My guess is yes. The reasons may vary but it would be safe to say we would engage with the individual because our college years laid the foundation for our professional lives and the associated common bond of where we went to school is usually strong and everlasting.

But why would they be seeking you out and why should you too?

Relationships with alumni can provide you with direct knowledge of industries and organizations, opportunities to gain experience and advice, as well as the chance to expand your network and job search skills. Fellow alumni may be the door opener to match your objectives. Here's just a few examples:

  • If you are a jobseeker, an alumni might aid you in uncovering a potential lead or gain access to hiring managers inside a corporation.
  • Any sales and business development professional is always seeking insight and avenues available to speed up the sales process. Alumni may be able to point you in the direction of the appropriate decision maker.
  • Finding top candidates for a position you want to fill may be made easier if an alumni knows of excellent candidates.
  • Referrals or introductions of all kinds for collaboration, mergers, thought leadership, speaking engagements or project management.
  • For graduating college students, this is a goldmine. Finding an individual who not only graduated from your university but uncovering their common major with you, the industry and company they work in and location opens you up to requesting an informational interview. I wish I had this ability when I graduated!

If you agree with everything you've read so far, you might be asking yourself, "how can I easily gain access to my fellow grads and know where they live and work, what they studied and what they do and what they are skilled at?"

Prior to the new LinkedIn user interface update a tab labeled “Alumni” existed which allowed you to easily find out this information. If you’d like to uncover this today it will take a little work. Here’s how.

I graduated from Pace University with a BBA in Marketing. To start the process I typed Pace University into the search bar. I now select the full Pace University company page.

Clicking on the Pace University listing for the full school takes me to the page below. Once there, I clicked “See alumni” 

I am now presented with an early preview of the new alumni search page. Here interactively I am able to drill down to uncover individuals I may be interested in contacting based on their location, company, position, etc.

Whether you are seeking a new position or want to find out about a certain organization or city, you are presented with a great tool to uncover fellow grads and as we suggested earlier, who wouldn’t want to speak with a fellow alumni?

What’s Next? Until next time stay tuned to this channel.