How Important Is It To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Mobile?

Think about this for a second. The percentage of unique #LinkedIn visitors who access it via mobile is 58%. Fifty-eight percent! For years the vast majority of us accessed LinkedIn via our desktops/laptops. Welcome to the new world. We've been building towards this for years and the future is now.

If you know this, doesn't it make sense to pay even greater attention to how your profile is rendered using the LinkedIn mobile app? The short answer is yes. With this in mind, I'd like to draw your attention to one very important aspect of your mobile LinkedIn profile. It's your Summary.

Note how your Headline leads your profile. Below it is your city and state and just below that is what I call your ~92 character Sub-Headline. Actually it is the beginning of your 2,000 character Summary.

Once you click on the three dots after your Sub-Headline (...), your entire Summary is presented. Now you see your Headline leading the Summary, followed by the Sub-Headline and finally the body of your Summary. Side note: If you have not optimized your Headline your current position title will appear where your Headline is rendered. This will thoroughly confuse the reader so please create a searchable Headline to increase your discovery success rate.

Mobile Summary.PNG

What's Next? With so many changes happening with LinkedIn for both the mobile and desktop user interfaces, we'll continue to point out those areas that aren't as clear as they appear on the surface.