Do You Say Thank You?

When I was a child my mother introduced me to a common courtesy. When someone did something, anything for me, I was taught to say "Thank You". When someone threw a compliment my way, I was taught to say "Thank You". When someone responded positively to my request, I was taught to say "Thank You". 

"Merriam-Webster Definition of Thank You: a polite expression of one's gratitude"

Thank. You. Two simple words that go a long way toward expressing gratitude and appreciation.

Armed with this, I went off into the world and remembered to thank individuals. Not sometimes but all the time. I thank the grocery store check out person. I thank the landscaper who expertly manicured the trees outside my house. I thank the business owner (many times) who decided to secure my services. I thank my family members, my friends and acquaintances. I thank everyone! Pretty simple, right?

So why is it when someone either accepts my LinkedIn connection request or I accept theirs do I rarely get a simple "Thank You" followed by a request for a conversation? Isn't this the place where we are supposed to be developing business relationships? If you agree, then why aren't the majority of connectors thanking their new connections for connecting in the first place? 

Don't take a thank you for granted. It goes a long way toward establishing a new relationship on the right foot or solidifying one months or years old. 

So here's my 100% free LinkedIn tip. The next time someone accepts your LinkedIn connection request or you accept theirs, send the individual a return note thanking them. From there it's up to you how to proceed.

Make your mom happy. Say thank you.