LinkedIn Pulse Schizophrenia. How To Follow Influencers, Channels and Publishers In The New World Order.

If you are a frequent user of LinkedIn Pulse, you probably are experiencing a multitude of issues, wonderment and bewilderment. Many of you can't find Pulse let alone figure out how to follow it's content. As LinkedIn's preference is to either slowly roll out new functionality or "test" it's user interface on all of us, Pulse is now going through a metamorphosis of sorts depending on what stage of the "roll out" or "test" you currently have. Heck, some of you don't even have a Pulse tab to click on. Fortunately I do.

Here's what my version looks like today (June 15, 2016):

OK, it looks nice. Pretty clean. Simplified for easy reading and scrolling. But, can you see what's missing? It's the ability from this page that we had in it's previous incarnation to select the Influencers, Channels and Publishers we wish to follow!

Here's how to find it until the next "update", "test" or "roll out".

Go to your Profile and scroll all the way to the very bottom. Yes, this is absolutely hidden from you, me and anyone else interested in following Pulse elements. See the two little words, "Discover More"? Bingo! Click it and magically you are taken to the "old" version of the Pulse Follower page. 

All the credit goes to Linda Bass for uncovering this as she was with a client today and happened upon it. Now you know where it is too!

Until "What's Next" next time...