LinkedIn Button Change You Should Know About

Another day, Another LinkedIn User Interface (UI) change (or at the least being tested or rolled out).  We never really know until we all see this change.

I was training someone this morning when I found this subtle yet nevertheless enhancement to the "Grow Your Network" tab at the top right of your LinkedIn account.

Previously all you saw was the pending invitations when scrolling over this icon: 

Today LinkedIn added more information into the box that wasn't previously shown there. You are now prompted to grow your network by linking your email address book for the purpose of inviting the individuals you already know to connect to you on LinkedIn. It's something many of you have never done or have not done lately, particularly if you've added new contacts to your email system recently. It's a simple and efficient method to grow your 1st level connections.  (Beware: the default message is sent when requesting a connection using this technique).

In addition, the ever present "People You May Know" prompt is included here as well. Small change?  Yes.  But just want to bring clarity to these small changes.

Until "What's Next" next time...