LinkedIn Mobile Adds Back "Personalize Invite"

We love love love the new "mother ship" LinkedIn mobile app but until this morning we could not personalize invites to potential connections.  As many of you know we feel very strongly that all connection requests should be personalized.  After all you'd never just blurt out to someone you really don't know, "Hey, Let's Connect!!".

Thankfully LinkedIn listens.  The mobile app is now complete.  So drum roll please...... Here's how you can personalize a connection request on your mobile app using LinkedIn version 9.02 (make sure you update your app).


Do not, we repeat do not click "Connect" unless you want to send the mindless "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn" message.  Why would you do this if you could personalize the message?  Next:


Click on the 3 dots at the top right section of the persons profile.  Doing so uncovers this:


Happy Days Are Here Again! Click on Personalize Invite and let the person know why you'd like to connect. Your connection success rate will skyrocket!